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Expungements Attorney in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Start Over with a Clean Slate

As humans, everyone is guilty of the occasional mistake or bad decision. Almost everybody has done something a little reckless that they regretted after the fact. As you learn and grow from your mistakes, you try to improve your place in life and be better than you were before.

Unfortunately, some of your past mistakes have a way of following you throughout your life. Having a criminal record can lead to difficulties in applying for housing, jobs, and personal loans. Luckily, an expungements lawyer can help you clear your record so that the past can finally be the past.

Criminal records are essential in helping protect the general population from potential harm. However, many individuals find it difficult to turn their lives around once they have charges on record. As an expungements attorney in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I understand how frustrating it is for clients who may continue facing the repercussions of charges years after the incident occurred. You may be wondering if you are even eligible for the expungements process. There are different requirements and stipulations you must meet in order to be considered. I am here to help guide you through the process so that you can potentially start over with a clean record and a clean slate.

Qualifying for an Expungement

Many clients are unaware of when they are eligible to request expungement. Typically speaking, misdemeanors and traffic violations are eligible for expungement 90 days after fees or sentencing time is complete. Non-violent felonies are also qualified for expungement one year after completing court-ordered programs. Keep in mind that each violation has specific requirements that you must meet to qualify for record expungement. Reoccurrence of violations, previous criminal history, outstanding financial obligations, and other legal proceedings can impact when you meet the criteria to have your record expunged.

Understanding when you can have your record expunged can be a bit difficult. Additionally, there are several key documents you must acquire to petition expungement. For many individuals, navigating the expungement process is overwhelming and somewhat confusing. Many clients express feeling held back by their record but feel overwhelmed when trying to move forward. As your expungements attorney, I am here to help you get a fresh start. To find out if the expungement process is right for you, call now or schedule a consultation to get started.

Your Past Doesn’t Have To Be Your Future

I understand the weight a criminal record can carry for our clients and can help you navigate the legal process for expungement. Working with me as your expungements attorney in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I will review your file with you to determine when your record is eligible for expungement. Additionally, I can help you obtain all necessary documentation and file your case. In some instances, the courts may have questions or require additional information to process your expungement. I will aim to help you overcome any obstacles to clear your record and provide you with a new lease on life.

Your Past Doesn’t Have To Be Your Future. Schedule a Consultation Today.

I have helped dozens of clients clear their criminal records and move forward from their past mistakes. As your expungements lawyer, I will review your file with you to determine when you can request expungement. I will also help you gather the required documentation and review your application to help expedite the process so you can start fresh. Don't wait to find out if a clean record is possible for you. Contact me today so that you can start enjoying your new life in the near future. I'm proud to serve Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the neighboring areas of Eutaw, Birmingham, Livingston, and Carrollton.