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Criminal Defense Attorney in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Theft Crime

At the Law Office of Joshua J. Swords, we understand how much is at stake for you when you have been charged with a theft crime. Not only could you be fined and sentenced to time in jail or prison, but you could also end up with a conviction on your criminal record.

As a crime of dishonesty, a theft conviction can make it exceedingly difficult to find suitable employment or even housing, as many employers and landlords will tend to view you as a potential security risk. Don’t take chances with your future – hire a board-certified Tuscaloosa criminal defense lawyer from our team today.

The penalties for a theft crime will be influenced by a number of different factors. To begin with, theft of property that is valued at $950 or less will normally be charged as petty theft, while theft of more valuable items constitutes grand theft. Another factor that affects the potential sentence is whether the suspect is accused of using weapons or force in the commission of the crime. Additionally, the specific identity of the stolen goods and the location where the crime was committed are taken into consideration, such as whether or not a burglary occurred in an occupied building.

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Violent Crime

If you have been arrested for a violent criminal offense such as assault, battery, domestic violence, or a weapons charge, you cannot afford any delay in contacting a Tuscaloosa criminal defense attorney to discuss your case and to begin working on a strategy for defending you against the consequences of a conviction. You simply have too much at stake – failure to act now could lead to steep fines, a lengthy sentence in jail or prison, and years on probation. Further, you would now have a criminal record, a fact which can make it difficult to find employment or even housing.